Tirewall Corporation

Tirewall Corporation is a construction company that uses our proprietary machines to build structures with scrap tires rammed full of earth. If you are thinking of using tires to build a home, retaining wall, breakwater or scrap tire reef then please visit tirewall.com.

Tirewall has automated the process of filling and compacting dirt into used tires so they can be used as bricks to build affordable and environmentally friendly tire walls. For years, people have been building houses out of used tires in a labor intensive and time consuming process. Now, thanks to Tirewall’s Tire Spreader and Tire Tamper, a tire can be finished in less than five minutes. That means that a tire wall house can be built in a fraction of the time and with minimal effort.




House Cross-section
In the past, scrap tires were treated as waste, clogged landfills and gave off greenhouse gases in tire fires. In the future, used tires will become a valuable resource that can help protect the environment and provide affordable housing for millions. Tire wall houses are passive solar designs that use just 20% of the energy of a conventional house and a lot less less embedded energy to build. In addition to building houses, Tirewall can build tire retaining walls, levees, reefs, breakwaters, land reclamation projects and other products.
Road cross-section